Five Lessons to derive from Liverpool’s draw with Watford.

Finally the “almighty” Epl got on the way last night. The excitement and the anticipation is one that can’t be easily overlooked. For many sport lovers it’s the start of another amazing journey. Like every other fan, I expect my team to lift the trophy. Since I became a fan, that had only been a dream, although we have been close a couple of times but hey! Nearly doesn’t kill a bird. That’s a story for another day.

Vicarage Road was bubbling with excitement as the team filed out for the first game of the season. New players looking to impress the manager and thank the owners for the purchase, while the older ones sought to retain their spot on the first team. The managers on their part seeking to start strong so as to avoid the exit at mid season. Whatever the reasons, all came out fully prepared but then it’s a game of 90minutes, in the case of this match, 97minutes. This game taught me something beyond football tactics but keys that would help you succeed in life.

One: Who scores first doesn’t guarantee a win.
Watford opened the scoring in the 8minute. They scored one of the best team in England under eight minutes! So unexpected and unbelievable. Definitely came as a shock. In life people you never expected, would get ahead of you. People who have less intellect than you, less organized even bottom of the tree, but a moment of brilliance gave them a goal, an opportunity to get ahead of you. Now you feel sad and down casted, cheer up that doesn’t mean you are a failure. In the race of life is not who started first that wins the race but who finished first. Keep doing your thing, it’s not full time just yet.

Two: Always expect a comeback.
Liverpool fought their way back into the game. In the 29th minutes they levelled the game, only to be pegged back once more in the 33rd minute. They however were unrelenting and fought to level once more. From this we can deduct that in life there will always be a comeback. With that in mind, put a smile on that sad face of yours and keep working on that big goal. Yes! All your colleagues, even juniors have gone ahead of you, I have good news for you today, your comeback is around the corner, don’t give up just yet. Ever wondered why didn’t the referee blow the final whistle after Watford had scored? Well simple, the game wasn’t over yet. So why are you blowing the whistle because your opponent scored before you? It’s not full time yet.

Three: Overtaking is allowed.
Despite the start, the game ended 2-1 at half time in favour of Watford. Have you gotten to the half point of your life and career and you believe you have lost based on the half time result? Think again, it’s just the beginning. After all the struggle, in the 55th and 57th minutes Liverpool equalled the score and surpassed Watford respectively. I believe a locker room talk changed their mindset towards the game, a new sense of hope and determination to get back in the game and that worked just as planned. When was the last time you had a “locker room” talk? A renewal of your attitude towards the game will not only enable you comeback but also surpass those who you think have gone ahead of you. Have a rethink tonight and I can assure you, you will level and overtake every opponent along your way.

Four: It’s not over until it is over.
If I had been asked at 85minutes to bet who would win the game, I would have bet my phone, all the cash in my account(not like its up to a billion yet) that the game was as good as won to Liverpool but then came the twist. In the 93 minute of the game, a defensive blunder hindered Liverpool of a well deserved victory. I lost my cool instantly but that’s the reality of life. The time when you need to work more is at the tail end of the race. It’s that last four minutes that count. Football history is filled with so many similar cases, one that comes to mind is the UEFA Champions League final between the two Madrid giants. Cresting had already commenced on the trophy, both teams were anticipating the final whistle but just then a header from Sergio Ramos sent the game to extra time, the rest became history. The point is never be comfortable when taking the lead until the final whistle has been blown. So many people are living in poverty despite all the wealth they had acquired in time past, most cases the reason can be linked with resting before the final whistle was blown. Feel sorry for the team but I don’t want to feel sorry for you, make every second of your life count.

Five: You can’t always Win.
You won’t have a true understanding of success if you have never failed. Failure enable us understand what it means to succeed, it pushes us to be better than where we currently are. Rather than reject failure accept it and move on. Failure is a launching pad for great success. Truth is you can’t win always, there are times you will be defeated while times there would be a stalemate but don’t let it weigh you down. Get back up, the problem is not falling, everyone falls at one point or the other. The problem is remaining on the ground.

These lessons just gave me a new perceptive towards football. It’s more than a sport, it’s filled with lessons. You probably know all these lessons but it’s a reminder. Hope you take them serious and your life won’t remain the same. Now let me goan focus on the other matches. For the record I still love Liverpool, just in case you think am leaving…


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