The Rod episode 4

It is amazing to note that the ordinary rod that Moses used in his years as a shepherd had become the Rod of God. In the previous episode we concluded that laying down your rod is a sign of total surrender to God, in order for Him to carry out His work through you. The Holy Spirit can’t have his way in your life if you are constantly trying to have your own way. One has to let go for the other, it’s much better to let go and allow the Holy Spirit have His way, just as Moses did in the desert.

Moses casted down his rod at the command of God, it is important to note, he casted down is rod because God asked him to. Don’t be deceived, don’t let anyone force you to lay down your rod, it’s the symbol of your authority but if it’s God’s Word directing you to, then get set for an encounter that would change your life. The rod became a serpent as soon as it hit the ground, forcing Moses to flee. God however taught him mastery of this new weapon.

Whenever God reveals to you a new gift or ministry, it is important to wait on Him to teach you how to master this gift, don’t get carried away by the excitement and lose out on the training. Be still and allow Him to groom you as He groomed Moses. When certified by God, Moses was sent to face Pharaoh. The whole essence of equipping him was to send him to Pharaoh. The gifts and skills God has endowed you with is for you to do something for Him. It would be fatal to live on earth without realizing what has been committed unto you, worst still not using this gift for the glorification of the Giver. The Rod given to Moses and the other signs were not given to him to feel proud and highly lifted, No! It was given for the deliverance of the people of Israel.

Are you wondering why your gifts haven’t made room for you? Seems all you are doing are  unnoticed. You do a better job than your neighbor who is highly paid and celebrated. Well my friend, seems your heart is not yet made right. God won’t give you what would kill you. If there are traces of pride within, He won’t commit much unto you (i write from experience). Figure out your motive for desiring to be blessed, is it so that people would know you have arrived or do you want to change lives with the resources God has committed to you? If the latter is the case, congratulations, your blessings are around the corner.

In the last three episodes of this series, we would be analysing the efficacy of the rod and it’s significance to new testament believers. Moses accompanied by Aaron appeared before the elders and the people of Israel who had been waiting for deliverance. Their next stop was pharaoh’s palace. They told him, “thus saith the LORD God of Israel, let my people go, that they may hold a feast unto me in the wilderness”. We all know how that story played out, in case you don’t, visit (Exodus 5). The Rod therefore is:

A symbol of signs and wonders

Pharaoh was adamant just as God has said. He demanded a sign to prove that God truly spoke to Moses. Moses let down the rod(submission to God, for God to show himself). Moses didn’t bother to argue, the Rod was to do the talking. The rod became a serpent, the council were amazed but pharaoh’s magicians did similar act. In your walk with God, for every genuine gift from God there is counterfeit from the devil. Don’t be carried away with signs and wonders, you are the sign and wonder the world is waiting for. Signs and wonders are not the only prove of anointing, test all spirit and celebrate genuine signs and wonders done by the Spirit of God via men. Moses serpent swallowed the serpents of the magicians. Original anointing will always dispel every doubt and counterfeit.

I see you doing wonders for God with the gifts God has deposited in you. Just as the serpent of Moses ate those of the magicians, I decree concerning you, the anointing on your head will destroy every opposition that rises up against you in Jesus name. Any plan of the enemy to put you to shame would be of no effect henceforth in Jesus name. You have been called to be a sign and a wonder to your generation, nothing would hinder you in Jesus name. Go forth and do exploit for the kingdom, God is fully on your side.
….to be continued.


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