The Rod episode 3

One’s  first reaction to God’s call is usually “who am I?”. We feel unworthy or uncertainty, very few accept the call without feeling this way. Moses was no exception, he had so many reasons, topmost on the list, was identity crisis. He had lost his identity when he left Egypt. How he saw himself was below what God thought about him. We feel this way when God gives a dream too “big” for our mind to comprehend. It’s because we fail to realize who we are and how God truly sees us.

Once identity crisis had been resolved, Moses  switched to the fear of acceptance. “Okay God I have heard you and I would do what you are asking but what if this people reject me, or what if I am seen as a huge joke?”. Never let the fear of not being accepted hinder you from carrying out what God has called you to do. He is more interested in using you for this task, allow Him have His work on you. Or are you like Moses who demanded a name to tell the people so they would believe and accept him. In life people are bound to demand on whose authority you work with, when such situations appear boldly declare unto them, “I AM hath sent me”.

God knew before time that Pharaoh would hinder the release of the Israelites before He sent Moses to Egypt. Never think because God is the one sending you, challenges won’t come, they will surely come. Jesus Christ never said there won’t be afflictions, because there would always be afflictions, however He guarantees victory over all afflictions. God said to Moses concerning the forthcoming challenges “and I will stretch out my hand, and smite Egypt with all my wonders which I will do in the midst thereof; and after that he will let you go”. Relax! God will do wonders through you that will confound every opposition to your progress in Jesus name.

Now to the essence of this series. People will not believe you if you don’t back it with signs and results. No matter how anointed you are, if you are not making progress in life, it would be difficult for anyone to follow you. Jesus performed wonders before disciples rallied around Him. Moses asked for signs to show to the people for them to believe. God asked a simple but yet deep question, “What is that in thine hand?”. The very thing God would use to make you a wonder to your world is already in your hand but do you know what it is?

A Rod was his reply. To an ordinary man the Rod is a mere tool, but in the hand of a shepherd it is a weapon of defence and a symbol of authority. Hardly does a shepherd let it down, without it he was vulnerable but God said “cast it on the ground”. God was simply saying “relinquish your will and power to me so that I can do something great through you”. One reason you are still struggling to respond to God’s call on your life is because you are not willing to lay down your will and authority and submit to the will of God.

So long you struggle to remain in charge, the Holy Spirit would let you be. God wants to use you for exploit but you have to let down your will and take up the will of the Father. Are you ready to let down your Rod? The Father is waiting, how long would you keep him waiting? Let down your Rod and allow God have His way in your life.
…to be continued.

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