The Rod episode 2

For years, the LORD had been trying to commune with Moses but the affairs of marital bonds couldn’t let him hear clearly. He was contented to the point he totally forgot about his people in Egypt. Meanwhile, the Israelites cried and their cry came up unto God. He remembered his covenant with their fathers. He knew they ought to be free by now, but where was their deliverer? Far way in Midian playing husbandman.

There are two sides to this story. Moses was afraid quite alright but the man who went back to Egypt was a whole new man. When he left, he was given to anger and was brutal but his years in the wilderness taught him humility, so much that he was called the meekest man. Also his ability to carter for flock belonging to his father in-law taught him leadership skills. All in all, the period wasn’t a waste in the end. However, it is important to know when a phase has ended and when to move on to the next. He stayed to long in Midian.

On one of those days, while he carried out his functions he encountered something that changed his life forever. For God to use a man, He arranges a divine meeting, something out of the ordinary. This is why you need to take meetings serious, you never know when God would show up for you. Saul was on his way to cause havoc on the new believers but when his encounter came, he was transformed and could not remain the same ever again. I decree, before long you will experience an encounter with the LORD that would transform your life forever in Jesus name.

The bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed. What a mystery! Being a curious human, he decided to find out what was happening. As you dig deeper into God’s word, He will reveal so much He has for you in Jesus name. Don’t limit God’s plan for your life, reach out for more of Him. Like Moses who knew a mystery had to be revealed from this event.

As he turned aside to see what was going on, God called unto him. Sometimes the situations you are going through are mediums God intend to use to call unto you. He is waiting for you to react before He responds, so many people have failed to realize this, so they just walk away like nothing is going on. If Moses had ignored the fire, he would have missed out on the call of God. I pray, you will not miss out of God’s purpose for your life in Jesus name. Every encounter that He has programmed to change your life will not elude you in Jesus name.

God called him out of the burning bush, Moses was scared. God calmed him down and told him all that He(God) intended to do. Moses kept quite until God said “Come now therefore, and I will send thee unto Pharaoh, that thou mayest bring forth my people the children of Israel out of Egypt”. What! God’s plans are so amazing,  we clap our hands in joy and anticipation until He says “you are the one to make it happen”. Suddenly, we have a thousand and one reasons why it’s won’t work. It’s human nature to try to shy away from responsibilities, but when God has called you, He is well able to equip you. Stop trying to run away and accept His call, cooperate with His spirit and great exploit would be done through you.

After over several years, Moses still dreaded going back to Egypt. “Who am I” was his biggest fear. He felt less, but God chooses less to do exploit. Do you feel less or have people written you off? God is saying “you are exactly who have been looking for”. As you launch into this day, open your heart to the Father, He wants to use you to change your world. You are well able to be used.

Excuses upon excuses, Moses dished out but would God let him go? Don’t think so. Well tomorrow God’s response and commissioning would be discussed, join me. God bless you…have a great day.
…to be continued…


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