The Rod episode 1

Exodus 3

God uses the very things available to you,  to deliver you from challenges. No matter how insignificant you think they are, they are very tools God requires to cause a change in your life. For the next seven days, we would be discussing the Rod.

Israel had been in captivating longer than was necessary. The man God intended to use, got ahead of himself. He committed murder which led him to flee from Egypt. Moses found solace in the house of the priest of Midian. Scripture records that “Moses was content to dwell with the man”. Can you imagine? The Israelites have been waiting for a deliverer, here he was contented in another land. So many people have abandoned the great promises and assignments God gave to them because they became contented with where they found themselves.

Joseph was a lad who refused to be contented. He saw himself in a place of authority, that framed his goal and purpose in life. In the house of Portiphar, he had more authority than Portiphar himself, but Joseph recognized this was not the goal. He could have laid with his Master’s wife, that would have automatically boosted his pedigree in Egypt but refused to settle.

On the journey to success, there would be breakthrough here and there which would entice you to settle but that’s not where God wants you to be. He has bigger plans for you don’t settle yet. Moses was comfortable, he had a wife, a good job and a family, why then would he need a Rod? Well we would find out tomorrow. As you go about this day, don’t settle just yet. There is so much ahead of you waiting to burst out.

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